Definition of the chatbot: how does it work?

We’ve all tried the perilous exercise of trying to explain a concept to someone who has no idea what we’re talking about. It can be difficult and sometimes even frustrating. But when it comes to technology, explaining concepts to those who don’t use digital tools in their daily lives is an important part of bridging the gap. This is especially true when it comes to chatbots.

In the digital age, chatbots are everywhere. You can find them on Facebook Messenger, on websites, or even in your phone and computer settings. But what is the definition of a chatbot exactly and how do they work?

Here is a brief overview of the definition of a chatbot and why it is so popular.

What is the definition of a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that can conduct conversations with users by simulating human responses. It is designed to understand natural language input and respond appropriately. For example, if you ask the chatbot « What time does the store close? » it will provide the answer. The more complex the conversation becomes, the more sophisticated the chatbot’s responses become. In some cases, advanced AI (artificial intelligence) technology can be used for more natural interactions with users.

How does a chatbot work?

Chatbots have been a hot topic for the past few years, and for good reason From being used as an automated customer service provider to even taking on more complex tasks such as data analysis with built-in AI technology, they are really starting to get interesting! There are two main types:

simple/basic bots that use preformatted questions/answers while relying on curated libraries;

then there are smart bots where natural language processing (NLP) helps deliver relevant content through platforms so you can chat live without being limited by what we know today.

How are chatbots used?

Chatbots are often used for customer service purposes within businesses or organizations. They can help customers get their questions answered quickly and easily without having to wait for an answer from a real person. This helps improve customer satisfaction levels as well as reduce operational costs associated with providing customer service over traditional channels such as phone or email support. Additionally, they can be used in marketing campaigns to engage prospects and build relationships through automated conversations tailored specifically to each user’s needs.

Why do people use chatbots? 

The main reason people use chatbots is that they are convenient and fast. With traditional customer service methods like phone lines or email, there can be long wait times or delays before an issue is resolved. Which is not ideal when it comes to customers who need immediate assistance! By using a chatbot instead of these traditional methods, businesses can ensure that their customers receive faster responses, which leads to higher user satisfaction rates. Something no business should underestimate!

In conclusion

Chatbots have revolutionized the way we interact with online businesses and services since 2016, when Facebook Messenger first introduced them to their platform. With three billion monthly users on various platforms today, it’s safe to say that this technology is here to stay!

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