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The modern business landscape is constantly changing, and creating an effective strategy for success requires staying on top of industry news and trends. Collecting this information can be time-consuming and tedious. Fortunately, there are monitoring tools that can simplify the process.  

By leveraging the right resources, a company can save valuable time while creating an overview of their competitive environment. Read on to find out how obtaining and using business intelligence in your decision-making process can improve organizational performance! 

The different types of sleep

Market intelligence is a practice that helps organizations identify new opportunities and strengthen their presence in the market.  

It is based on a synthesis of internal and external data sources that provide valuable information in areas such as customer trends, competitor activity…

There are several types of sleep, including:  

  • Economic (or marketing) intelligence : allows companies to assess industry trends and analyze the reactions of target markets .  
  • Information monitoring : it is used to keep abreast of data analysis, trends and news. It helps organizations track information about their industry and customers to identify potential opportunities or threats. 
  • Competitive intelligence : It consists of collecting and analyzing data to understand the competitive landscape, identify threats and opportunities, develop effective strategies and monitor the performance of a company’s competitors. 
  • Technological monitoring : this is a systematic process which makes it possible to follow the evolution of technology. This, at both the macro and micro levels, so that organizations can identify potential technological advancements that will impact or benefit them. 

How to organize your watch: The tools

1. Netvibes, bring together all your favorite web content 

Netvibes is a content aggregator that allows users to set up a digital watch on their favorite topics, news sources, and social media sites, all in one place . Thanks to a permanent digital watch , its users can keep up to date on their favorite centers of interest with the most recent information. 

You can create personalized news feeds and curate digital content from a wide range of sources such as blogs, websites, videos and podcasts from around the world.  

Netvibes offers many options to meet a variety of needs. Making it the ideal watch tool for digital media enthusiasts looking to stay up to date on news and entertainment in their fields. 

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